Do you ever get a really sad song stuck in your head for so long it completely alters your mood and tricks you into thinking the thing the singer is singing about is happening to you and you just get really depressed about something that’s not happening? Because I do all the time and it sucks.


didyoujustflash asked:

Hi there! I was just wondering about the reasons behind your juicing. Like, is it because you want to lose weight, to detox, just to try how it feels...? I've been thinking on juicing myself, but I'm not really sure if I would be able to. Is it hard? Do you recommend it(and the juice brand you're currently having)? Thanks and I hope you're having a lovely day xx

carriehopefletcher answered:


Yeah it’s because I’ve been eating my body weight in cake every day. I have red velvet frosting for blood right now. So yeah, I thought a detox would be good! Day 2 was the hardest. Your body is still only just getting used to it. Day 3 and 4 have been an absolute breeze and no doubt day 5, tomorrow, will be too! :) I’ve been using !